A web based integrated solution offering electronic health records(EHR), revenue cycle management, medical billing, healthcare analytics, and business services. Enki (by NextServices) enables seamless healthcare delivery by providing comprehensive healthcare management solutions and services specialized in Cardiology, so medical facilities run more smoothly and profitably.

Practices working with Enki (powered by NextServices) receive reimbursements 50% faster then the national average.Cardiologists and specialty physicians have been able to increase reimbursements from 7- 44%, increasing reimbursements more than the cost of the fees paid for billing services. Enki (by NextServices) clients typically pay between 3-4% depending on practice size. Our complete solution all offered for a single price which includes:

- Web based, mobile EMR/EHR
- Access to Healthcare Analytics Portal
- In-house Enki training
- Practice Management