Sell your whole used devices to EPreward and exceed their platinum tip payments by up to twenty fold. See the 6 ways we can bring more money into your department:

1- Sell your used whole Intracardiac Ultrasound Catheters at up to $60 ea.
2- Sell your used whole diagnostic EP Catheters rather than the tips: Fixed Curve- $8 ea; Steerable- $14 ea; and DuoDeca, Halo, Loop, etc- $18 ea. For many Halo's this is over 20 times the platinum tip value, steerable catheters over three times the platinum value and fixed curves over twice the platinum value. Also, sell your used St. Jude Agilis Sheaths & Dilators at $15 ea, and used Cables at $5 ea.
3- We provide the hospital tested, highest platinum tip payment for PTCA wires, Diagnostic and Ablation catheters which cannot be purchased whole.
4- Sell your expired catheters which are still in the box.
5- Sell your new and unopened EP Lab Products, Cath Lab Products and supplies.
6- Sell your used EP equipment such as Mapping Systems, EP Recording Systems, Ablators, Stimulators, etc.

Other services provided:
Distributors of the EsoSure device. The EsoSure stylet allows you to safely move the esophagus during a procedure.
Over 80 Free Online Education programs. EP Orientation and training, IBHRE and RECS Review Course, over 20 free CEU's.
Free advertising for your open EP staff positions and free asistance for EP staff moving to a new location.

Join 350+ hospitals in the US and abroad to improve the level of function and bottom line of your EP Lab.
Quality and honesty you can trust from an EP Nurse founded and owned company, voted the 2013 SBA Small Business Person of the Year in Florida.