Intraoperative Blood Flow Measurements
Transonic Medical Flowmeters are used in medical centers around the world to give immediate, quantitative flow values during cardiac, transplant, peripheral vascular and cerebrovascular surgeries.
These measurements give the surgeon:

* Assurance of adequate flow in arteries, veins or Dacron (TM) grafts
* Early detection of technical errors.

Extracorporeal Flow Measurements
During extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), a life-preserving procedure for infants born without fully developed lungs, Transonic Flow-QC® assures that the proper amount of fluid reaches the infant. The ultrasound sterile tubing flowsensor clips around a piece of tubing in the ECMO circuit and measures the flow passing within the tubing. Thus the sterility of the circuit is maintained while volume flow is being measured.

The precision and reliability of these Transonic extracorporeal flowsensors has also brought original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from the USA, Germany, and Japan to our doors in order to incorporate the “Transonic Inside” their systems.

Technology for the Hemodialysis Patient
With our new Flow-QC® Hemodialysis Monitor, dialysis staffs can now directly measure recirculation in a vascular access during a hemodialysis treatment rather than waiting days for the results of blood samples. More importantly, vascular access flow, never before directly measurable, can be quantified, on-the-spot, for these patients. This exciting new technology can potentially reduce the necessity for and cost of hospital stays for patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

Post-Op Perfusion Monitoring
Following skin flap repair surgery physicians and nurses use the Transonic Laser Doppler Monitor to determine that the flap has an adequate blood supply perfusing throughout and will heal properly. If the perfusion falls below a pre-set threshold, this BLF Laser Doppler Alarm monitor will sound, summoning hospital personnel to the patient's bedside.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)
We partner with leading pump makers, LVAD and other manufacturers to include Transonic products 'inside" their devices to ensure accurate flows.

The Gold Standard for Research 1983 to Present - Research Home

The superiority of the Transonic measurement system rapidly became known throughout the research world. In less than a decade, measurements by the Transonic System were cited in scientific literature as the recognized "Gold Standard." The first transit-time ultrasound flowprobes were able to measure volume flow in vessels in the sheep and horse. Now scientists are able to measure volume flow through tiny renal arteries in a mouse. Through steady technological improvements and refinements, we maintain our position as the leading innovator in flow measurement technology and the market leader in flowmeter sales.

Vendor Showcase

The Transonic® HT110 Bypass flow meter

The Transonic® HT110 Bypass flow meter

The Transonic® HT110 Bypass flow meter measures volume flow rates of blood or perfusate in extracorporeal circuits. Gold-standard transit-time ultrasound provides accurate flow measurements even at low flow rates. An external sterile tubing flow sensor clips onto the tubing to continuously monitor actual flow delivery to the patient. read more