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Hokanson manufactures high quality instruments for noninvasive bloodflow measurements. D.E. Hokanson, Inc. was initially started in 1973 to supply instruments and accessories for research and clinical testing at the Seattle VA under Dr. Strandness... The primary impetuous was atherosclerosis and other diseases and conditions that impede arterial blood flow and venous return. As vascular disease studies increased, Hokanson included computerized instrumentation for arterial blood flow testing in limbs primarily for diabetic patients especially for endothelial response to ischemia and NO (nitric oxide).

Hokanson is actively involved in providing technology for clinical testing for PAD peripheral arterial disease and have created an easy to use Portable ABI Kit for primary care clinicians who are new to vascular disease. We provide instrumentation for both research and clinical application for peripheral vascular disease and have modified and improved our products over the years to reflect the changes in need and technology. With 5 patents for innovative technology that improves user experience and components of their devices, Hokanson has been both an innovative and reliable resource for the vascular community.

For the Primary Care Provider, Home Health or Clinic, the Portable ABI Kit has everything you need to perform accurate ABIs to identify patients with PAD who need further attention. Results are documented in real-time via the waveform printed on the strip chart recorder. The colored LEDs flash to provide the clinician a means of identifying the “sweet spot” where the maximum arterial flow is. This Kit provides all the instruments and accessories needed in a convenient carrying case including a chart recorder for documentation needed for reimbursement It is ideal for clinics doing ABI screening; home health, physicians offices and hospitals that want to perform screening at the bedside and other places where portability is needed. Please visit our website at: for more information and the link to our training video, "How to Perform an ABI".