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FISO is a pioneer in the introduction of fiber optic sensing technologies in medical applications.
With its line of fiber optic pressure transducers, flagship product of the company on the medical market,
FISO has built a strong reputation in laboratories and medical research centers with the versatility of the
solutions it can offer. In addition, the automation level reached in the assembly process allowed FISO to
reach the status of world leader as the OEM supplier of fiber optic pressure sensors
In addition, our fiber optic temperature probe products are getting more and more in demand where
performances are required.

Our achievements:
With an impressive background, by having both our pressure and temperature products integrated
in FDA approved devices, a well-structured and organised manufacturing department and a top-class quality
system, FISO is opening the path for new generation of devices using fiber optic sensing devices.

Our miniature pressure transducers and temperature probes are used in different applications such as, but
not limited to:

Fiber optic catheter-tip pressure sensor
+intravascular blood pressure monitoring (FISO's pressure transducer in FDA approved device)
+muscle compartment pressure monitoring (FISO's pressure transducer in FDA approved device)
+intracranial pressure monitoring / intrauterine pressure monitoring
+intervertebral disc pressure / intraocular pressure

Fiber optic temperature probe
+patient temperature monitoring in MRI (FISO's temperature sensor in FDA approved device)
+tissue temperature monitoring for microwave thermal therapy and RF ablation
+animal physiological temperature monitoring