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More than 25 years ago we started working with a small group of passionate believers to develop a safe and standardized procedure for percutaneous lead extraction. Today, we maintain our focus on improving patient outcomes by developing devices and related accessories for percutaneous lead extraction procedures and specialized introducer sheath products.

By offering the most comprehensive line of lead extraction products, we can service all your areas of need during a procedure. From prepping and controlling the lead-to-sheath extraction and even re-implantation, we’ve developed innovative technologies to fit your patients’ needs.

As the healthcare system encounters competing cost pressures we understand that creating products that solve clinical problems is only half the battle. That’s why we continue to design lead extraction products without a premium price, and provide them in ways that will help keep your inventory levels in check.

We have always remained family owned so that we have the freedom to focus on what we care about our patients, our employees and our communities.