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We are the price and service leader in 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring solutions. Whether you are a clinic needing to better diagnose and treat your hypertensive patients, or a researcher involved in efficacy or cardiac safety clinical trials, our advanced solutions and friendly services are here to help.

Our Ambulo 2400 ABPM systems offer the state-of-art in ambulatory blood pressure monitoring for better assessment of blood pressure over the circadian rhythm of patients. Specific features include:

● Accurate and reliable technology
● Independently validated according to the latest international standards
● Built-in actigraphy which lessens reliance on diaries for determining awake/asleep cycles
● 24-hour or longer measurements with superb configuration options
● Easy-to-use and powerful Windows®-based application software
● Complete system including device, four cuffs, software and all needed accessories

Reimbursement and coding information available. Typical reimbursements for the ABPM procedure range from $60 to $120.

Additionally, we are now offering managing solutions for efficacy and cardiac safety clinical trials including:

● Unique features for clinical trials including Phase 1 PK/PD cardiac safety trials
● Centralized data management services including remote capture and seamless delivery
● Optional capturing of home and office blood pressure measurement modalities
● Logistics, project management, protocol setup, trial support as well as data over-read services
● FDA 21 CFR Part 11 validated

Please call on us for help with your needs for thorough blood pressure assessments.

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